UI Design in Microgaming Casino Apps for iPhone

It’s been two years as Apple made a huge step towards developers from any country. Now, it is super easy to make an application and to create an incredible graphics for that. These new changes facilitate the way to formalize content, modify touch controls, text size, contrast and space, to make different resolution and distortion, etc. Here is a short explanation of the main tips to look at.

Human Interface Guidelines in Microgaming Casino Apps for iPhone

iOS apps by Microgaming can stay in the AppStore charts for weeks and gather thousands of people worldwide. The meaning is that iOS has many useful tools which make a distinction, compare to the main opponents. The crucial themes, which keeps this US company out of any competition: clarity, deference and depth. Plus, there are other principles, such as aesthetic integrity, consistency, direct manipulation, feedbacks, metaphors, user control, etc.


Microgaming Apple app designLet’s start from the hardest point to understand as it is a pure visual effect. The main idea is that everything should be transitional and contextual. The first word means that it should be effortless to navigate through the content. The second – the way of using a functionality of the information without losing the context.


It’s an obvious notion, which applies for all the structure of an application. The text has to be readable and understandable, the icons with a good quality, all the info should correspond to the purpose of the app. Color and graphics should not distract the player, it should stimulate everyone to continue playing and create attractiveness.


Create a harmony combining all the elements of the interface. It means that your content has to be so crucial, that all other similar topics will not become ridiculous. In order to achieve that, simplify the way of getting some data, minimize the quantity of useless parts, operate only with soft colors and make a beautiful typography.


Main Points of Successful UI Design

interface of microgaming casino apps for iOSThere are lots of things to take into account while the Microgaming project is at the developing stage. The most important components to consider are “touch” boxes, readability and optimization for different screens. Only if the developer makes a perfect mixture of all of them – there will be a popular app.

Interactivity and Readability

It should be easy to tap the button and, consequently, make a digital operation. Their size should be balanced and have a number between 30-60pt. The best figure is 44pt. Rarely, some places can have 22pt, but only if they redirect to additional info. Meanwhile, the volume of the typography should equal to 16pt. The minimum accepted standard is 11pt. Additionally, provide a zooming option for those, who have some problems.

Resolution and Distortion

New technology in this sphere does not give an opportunity to mention a common factor. For example, images for Retina display, which are not @2xor @3x, will have an awful quality, they will be blurred and not clear. Even more, pictures have to remain in the relevant proportion, which enable to understand its meaning. Furthermore, take into account the illustration mode, whether it is a classic one or a landscape, as the resolution will be different.

Icon Sizes

ui design in microgaming casino appsOf course, the picture should be simple, recognizable, consistent, have a solid color and transparency. However, it also should correspond to the size of the screen and, as a result, to have its own shape:

  • For iPad Pro and mini it is 44 x 44.
  • For iPhone 6s, 6, SE and 7 – 44 x 44.
  • For iPhone 6s Plus, 6 Plus and 7 Plus – 66 x 66.

Navigation Bar

This part helps to make an appropriate hierarchy and an order among all the information. It is the line, located on the top of the screen and facilitates an access to the connecting data. We suggest to put some control buttons to make fast changes and to hide this sector, when it is not needed.

Text Fields in Microgaming Casino Apps

Almost each Microgaming casino requests to indicate some main info, like name, nickname, email, etc. Such boxes should be clear and useful, it has to open a relevant keyboard automatically. In any case, provide secure fields, ask for the password, etc.