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The Apple’s approach to creating high-quality products has served quite well for this company. It has become the most successful and worldwide known brand of mobile and computer technologies. But, it couldn’t be at the top of a ladder without a perfect understanding of how the product should be presented to customers. It includes not only technical parameters of devices, but of course, their appearance, interface look, and usability.

Moreover, this company has turned programs that can be run on iPhone or iPad into very handy applications that suit iOS perfectly. To have such an excellent performance, Apple has set mandatory standards. Thus, AppStore provides customers only with high-quality, safe, and reliable products.

Therefore, developers should fully comply with the requirements of the distribution platform, otherwise, the app won’t be posted at all.
That’s why, if you want to make a program for your business, it is useful to know establishments that can build one for you. An example of the best-rising enterprises in this field is iOS App Company. It can provide you with the smartest decisions, creative designs, and pleasant interfaces.

Our Client’ Reference

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“iOS Company developed 3 custom applications for iPhone and iPad in iGaming space. That were pretty complicated online casino games in the the field of crypto gambling. Several times we changed the scope as crypto sphere is pretty complicated in terms of adoption. I like the way we worked, the level of communication was on the highest level. Besides one of the application we ordered was connected with integration of Twitch streams. Guys from iOS Company made great R&D. They digged a lot in non-documented features. The output was really nice. Highly recommended. Value for money.”

iPhone Interface Design

Everyone knows the firm pays much attention to branding and designing. Such efforts result in making ideal forms not only for outer looks of the gadgets but for every component of the software.

So the iPhone interface looks exactly as we see it in the last models on iOS 10 due to the following aspects:
• Platform evolution (the design has been improving greatly with each next update. Moreover, adding and editing new features have become much easier with the Xcode’s new function Stack Views);
• Support of multitasking and the layout adaptation for different resolutions;
• Appearing of the new font (San Francisco) that attracts your attention;
• Increasing the quality of the image (more pixels per point);
• Selecting the right colors (it makes iOS the most beautiful mobile operating system);
• Adjusting necessary features (bars, sliders, buttons…) to be as easy to use as possible;
• Setting strict requirements for app icons.
All these make people love using iPhone.

iPhone Application Software Development Services

Nowadays computer technologies have revolutionized to be more effective, faster, and more specialized. So there are a lot of ways to create software for different types of PCs, thanks to a huge diversity of programming languages.

iOS Apple Apps CompanyFor example, iPhone applications can be created using several coding tools and languages. However, there are ones that should be definitely discussed, as they are quite popular at the moment. So, the company uses the most important variants that can help make the applications for iOS devices understandable and comfortable.


It is one of the main platforms that allows creating apps. The iPhone development Xcode method has a bunch of advantages. First of all, it supports the most popular iOS programming language – Swift. Moreover, it is a free tool with a lot of features and a huge base of various functions that can be used as pre-sets (object library) when making the app.

Thus, developing on this platform will make the process completely understandable not only for programmers but for designers and just users.


There are various approaches for building an iPhone content. And that’s why developers may use different languages for writing the program. Quite often you can come across the HTML5 apps. Using this tool, we are able to create custom software that can be run even in the offline mode.

When coding with HTML5, next requirements are usually followed:
• Making the program files compact (small sized);
• Implementing ideas step by step (for faster running);
• Caching the main data of the app;
• Paying attention to the display size (in the browser mode 320px X 356px);
• Applying standards for the size of an icon and a startup screen.

CSS And JavaScript

In addition, there is also an opportunity to build applications with CSS and JavaScript.
For example, CSS allows implementing animations and it is quite easy to adjust size parameters of the screen with the code.
JavaScript sometimes might be used for creating apps for Apple devices. And in general, it provides functions that are supported by iPhone, however, there might be some difficulties in implementing particular features.


Software Development by iOS Apple AppsPython coding can also be applied to creating some programs for the smartphones. However, it is recommended to check the Terms and Conditions of the latest version of iOS (SDK agreement), where you can find whether it is permitted/not permitted to launch apps written in this language.

In technical aspect, for the successful application developing you’ll need to merge Python with several Objective-C features and functions. Moreover, it is necessary to connect all libraries that are required for the efficient work while programming.

There is also an alternative approach that implies inserting a Python interpreter inside the developed unit and adding the needed script.
Working with this coding technique may be easier using such frameworks as Kivy, Pymob, and Pythonista (the last one has a feature of exporting codes into Xcode and running them as native projects).


Also, you can build a title in PHP, and the outcome will be an application that can be easily downloaded and installed on the phone. Note, that it is mandatory to add the image of the icon into HTML (for different sizes and screen types).
You may need additional tools like Laravel or Symphony to make any kind of program for Apple devices (it can be divided into portions or APIs to be accessed by HTTP calls).


Another great alternative is C# (on the .NET Framework). The utility for working with it is Visual Studio. The cool thing is that as it supports a cross-platform development, every program written in C# will be perfectly suitable for iOS users.

iPhone Widgets

creating software for iOSWith the recent updates, it has become possible to add extra useful options for customizing software for each person. These extensions are called widgets. They deliver the most valuable data and provide a fast access to some functions of a particular application. For example, you don’t need to open an app to use its features (like reading hot news topics, seeing your reminder list, writing a note, and so on).

With 3d touch, it is even more comfortable to utilize widgets, as you just need to press a little bit harder to see the fast-access functions of the chosen program (like writing a message). They can be also put on the separate page (Search screen) if they are urgent for the customer.

That’s why every developer’s goal should be making a content with widgets that iPhone owners will love and therefore add to their chosen ones on the Search screen.

To do this, there are some clever steps that are followed by the iOS App Company:
• Putting maximum simplicity of tasks;
• Creating a good looking and a pleasant design;
• Providing fast data;
• Adapting for different modes;
• Allowing quick widget-full app switching.

The simpler, more efficient and beautiful the component is, the bigger satisfaction of the audience will be. So doing your best and having a serious and thoughtful approach to every stage of program developing will bring the success.

Data Encryption for iPhone

When the iPhone 3GS was released, Apple started implementing encryption methods into the hardware of its products. Nowadays, all gadgets are using 256-bit AES encoding technology. This engine works together with a hash function (SHA-1).

There is also a unique identifier, which is attached to the system, so it can be accessed only by the device holding it, and nothing else. Moreover, it allows reading only outcomes (i.e. already encrypted results, not the plaintext). So all information that is kept on an iOS device is safely ciphered with the special tools described above.

In addition, to enhance the security level, it is impossible to change the settings and disable data encoding. But if an unauthorized breaking in happens or your phone has been stolen, you have an opportunity to erase all records quickly (with your other connected Apple devices or a computer).

It is important for mobile soft programs to be safe, especially for business apps that might contain some sensitive info. That’s why every responsible software owner should guarantee privacy for customers. And such an enterprise as iOS AC fully complies with all Apple security approaches concerning encryption and may even add some additional encoding functions if they are ordered by the client.