Brian Magee App

Brian Magee is one of the most successful boxers in Irish boxing to date.

Boxing from when he was 12 years old wining numerous titles and medals he was a 1996 Atlanta Olympian and a world top 5 ranked amateur.

With his success and knowledge Brian open his gym in 2013. The Brian Magee App has all the information about the great man himself plus everything you need to know about his gym.

App features

* A Brian Magee Quiz for all his fans to enjoy.

* A name that boxer quiz, 10 different pictures of famous boxers can you name who they are?

* Brian’s all time top ten boxers with photos.

* A photo gallery.

* A direct link to Brians boxrec.

* A contact page so the users can easily contact Brian or the gym

* Random workout tips for the users to browse.

* A boxing scorecard to keep score of any fight, allowing you to be the judge.

* Workout counter to let the trainer keep count of push up, pull ups etc…

* All the gym classes and prices live in the App without the need of an internet connection.

* Links to the gyms Facebook and twitter.

* Links to 100s of workout programs.

* All the history of Brian and gym.