RNG Creating in Microgaming Casino App

rng for Microgaming appsOnline gambling entertainments are usually developed with implemented RNG program to create a safe atmosphere and the element of luck, as every symbol combination, card appearing, and dice – should be chosen each time completely in a random way to exclude any possibly harmful influence that may alter the result in someone’s advance.

That’s why all of Microgaming’s online casino apps are essentially equipped with the RNG starting with the code stage. We will describe how the Random Number Generator is launched in the process of creating gaming applications.

Using Xcode

At some point of the procedure of app developing the Xcode will be a necessary tool for adding a random factor into a game. When making a card fun, for instance, it is indispensable to teach the program to generate numbers that will be attached to the certain playing item. With special functions, it is quite easy to do.


For implementing the RNG in the Microgaming casinos for iPhone, such option as “arc4random_uniform” is needed. The Xcode gives an opportunity to see how it generates numbers in the right column of the window, right in front of the function string. To choose the range of digits, it is necessary to add () with some figure inside (for example (100)). Thus, it will select some accidental character from 0 to 99.

Setting Up Frames

Let’s imagine there is an application that can show different cards of two sets, each time a player presses “Start”. To create such simple game for iOS, set up frames (i.e. assigning the occasional number to the unit value in each shoe).random numbers in microgaming casinos apps

So the left set of items will be shuffled by entering such string as “var LeftNumber = arc4random_uniform(9) +2”, which will trigger selecting the card valued from 2 to 10.
The same thing is a must for the right set, but just with the RightNumber for var.

Using PHP for Microgaming Casino Application

Microgaming casino app with rngAnother way of creating Internet betting games on iOS is coding with PHP, which is widely used by Microgaming manufacturers. This tool is one of the most convenient languages for mobile app developing, as it requires less typing, provides synchronizing to avoid difficulties in bug seeking, and allows using the first class function.

Random Functions

The PHP has a variety of different functions that can help to create an occasional number. These are rand() and mt_rand() (the last one works better). They can return a RN from 0 to the max value with the functions like getrandmax()/mt_getrandmax().
For setting a random seed use such ones as srand($seed) and mt_srand($seed).

Write Own Random Class

It is possible to write your own class that will be more efficient and simple than other ones that already exist. To start we need to set a class and seed (always bigger than 0). There is a self::num() function that can create random numbers limited by $min and $max. Then just choose what the limiting values will be and start your RNG that will show you the digits. The detailed code with all functions is available on the special websites for iOS programming.

What Result We See in Microgaming Casino App

Interesting, what we can see as a result after completing all stages of coding. The program will be able to create random digits that are assigned to a card value or some symbol. But what happens when the app runs?

In Microgaming projects, the outcome of its hard work is the ability of customers to install the app that works properly on a smartphone as a gambling game with the opportunity to play (i.e. make spins, place bets, receive cards and etc.). The players see how the images are changing after they press some buttons and wait for the luck to come. But the fortune is a sophisticated thing that is impossible to make work without the parameter of randomness, which can be achieved only with implementing the RNG.