Microgaming Localization – Adapting Casino App

localization in Microgaming casino apps
Apple products are famous worldwide, in every continent and in each country. Such popularity has benefits as well as disadvantages. One of them is a need to translate all the programs, which people having a different “mother tongue” will be able to read and to enjoy it. Mainly, all the projects are in English, however, there are many other important dialects.

So, basically, this notion means the availability of the text in different languages. Such process is possible due to the Xcode and, especially, iOS API. In fact, it is really easy to perform. We will try to explain everything briefly: concerning images, title, text, etc.


The initial step of the creating the iPhone Microgaming casinos starts with the opening the basic template, called Single View Application iOS application. Be aware that it provides only a mode “iPhone Views”. As a consequence, try to create a framework only for the phones. It will be a pattern for other devices. The first thing to do is to establish an interface using Storyboard, some basic vision. On the Internet, there are lots of samples, you can download them and do not waste the time on it. Save the work and move to the core action.

Start to Localize the Microgaming Project

In your opened Xcode, find a created project (let’s call it as Microgaming_casino). Click on it and you will see the English option. We will try to add a new “system of symbols”, for instance, French. Fill in the box “Use Base Internalization” and it will redirect you to another window – press “finish” there. Then you will come back to the previous state. Look at the symbol “+”under the base file “mainstoryboard.storyboard”. It will give opportunities to choose more languages, not only French, but also German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

Images for Different Language Variations

It is even easier with the pictures. Find the illustration, f.e. “cover.jpeg” in the navigator of the project. Click on it and look at the “Localize…”. It will demand the confirmation – accept that. Firstly, the program will ask for the primary language. Afterwards – any other: French, Dutch, Russian, Hungarian, etc. Choose as much as it is requested. Then, there will be a relevant amount of special files in connecting to the previous step: en.lproj, fr.lproj, it.lprog, etc. Such data will always comply with the language chosen for the text, f.e.: for Polish, it will always be pl.lproj.

Text Displayed by Code – Microgaming Localization Example

Microgaming apps for iPhone with localizationAll the previous info explains the way of working with the static information. The procedure is quite similar to the dynamical data. For instance, what will happen, when the person will click on the “pay” button? Without creating a standard Localizable.strings file, there will be a code by default, called NSLocalizedString. So, after pressing the “pay”, it will display “Thank you” with the alert view like CASINO_PURCHASE.

However, concerning this special document in the “Supporting Files folder” in the Xcode, use the same mechanism as for the images: find the line “Localize…”and, afterwards, a French language. Then, in English version CASINO_PURCHASE will move to the “Thank you”, In French – to “merci”. The same technique applies for other types, if you don’t like French.

Casino App Name

Sometimes, the application might be more popular under another title. So, it’s better to change the initial one. Logically, after modifying the localization for the text above, automatically there will be “Info.plist file” for the name of the product. However, it will remain the same. Open it and add the following string: “CFBundleDisplayName” = “MICROGAMING CASINO APP FR”. That’s all. Save it and run the program again.