Microgaming Apps with Splash Screen

Each Microgaming game should be attractive, according to 2 main criteria: the rules and the visual effects, including graphics, images, characters, etc. The very first picture, which a person is seeing tells everything and makes an impression, which is hard to change later. This initial window reflects the idea of the application, the greatest purpose and the way it works. We will mention, how to make it using Apple products and what it really means in practice. Nowadays, it is a simple process and, in a way, everyone can become an iOS developer.

What Is It?

Microgaming iOS app splash screenIn short, it is an introduction page, which appears all the time, when the application is loading. So, an individual, instead of watching on the black spot on his phone, will have a look at some interesting graphics, which cover the entire screen. He will see the steps of opening the iPhone Microgaming casino.

Later on, when the app is ready, this picture will go away and the customer can enjoy the actual entertainment. However, it is a prior function of such a thing. It can be useful for other goals: to show the exact version of the casino game, to warn about the restriction (regarding an age, country, etc). Even more, it helps to direct everyone to the proper language and currency settings, to make additional advertisement and many other important actions.

Using Splash Screen in Microgaming iOS App

There is no product in the world powered by Apple, which can’t be upgraded by such an option. It is really easy to make, no coding required. There is a special program, called Xcode, which deals with this issue, regardless of the model: it works for all the iPhones and iPads. It has 2 ways of performance: through the Storyboard and Interface Builder. Both of them ask to make a picture, upload it and to prepare some notes or buttons. Nevertheless, the first option creates one document for all the models, the second one – 2 separate “nib files”: one for the tablets, another – for phones.

coding a splash screen for Microgaming iOS app

Create an Image

As it was mentioned earlier, all the steps can be done in one simple and understandable project. So, you can use any photograph, illustration or drawing. The main requirement – it should constitute a PNG format. Due to the fact that the improvement of this US company created an opportunity to have a “Retina” display, launch 2 different pictures. Firstly, for the usual screens – the file will automatically be generated as “Default.png”. Secondly, for upgraded screens: “Default@2x.png”.


This notion is crucial, as, otherwise, all the work you have done will have no value. There are separate resolutions for the universal app of the Xcode regarding the model of a phone or a tablet.

splash screens in Microgaming apps for iPhoneFirstly, about iPhones:

  • for the non-retina display 320×480;
  • for versions 4 and 4S – 640×960;
  • for 5, 5s, 5c, SE – 640×1136;
  • for 6, 6s, 7 – 750p×1334;
  • for 6 Plus, 6s Plus and 7s Plus – 1080×1920.

Concerning iPad:

  • non-retina – 1024×768;
  • retina – 2048×1536;
  • 12,9-inch Pro – 2048×2732;
  • 9.7-inch Pro, Air 2, mini 4, mini 2 – 1536×2048.


If you comply with all the norms, it means that the pic is ready to be uploaded. In the program for making splash screens, click on the top left box, which is called “SimpleTable”. The next step is to find a wording “Add Files to SimpleTable”. Choose the files and wait a second while they will move to the system.


To finish the process, check the result at least once. So, simply, save the work you have done and open an application again. Do not be shocked that this image will appear for a second. It means that the actual app is new and it does not have a lot of elements to upload. If it works well – congrats, we managed to do so!