Microgaming Casino Application for All Apple Devices

Xcode, as an essential tool for developers, facilitates the methodology of creating apps for the gadgets. Prior to the existence of this utility, each programmer had to initiate 2 different files (binaries) separately: one for iPhone and another for iPad. Nowadays, a single file is enough. It automatically generates the application into sizes of the screens. We will explain, how to make a demo version using Storyboard or/and Interface Builder.

Starting a Project

Firstly, let’s commence with the storyboard system. Open Xcode and create a project. You will see many choices to make regarding the device – click on the “Universal”. Automatically, 2 documents will appear: for phones and tablets. It’s possible to check the relevant info in the “project settings – summary”. It’s achievable to settle different interface for each gadget. Then, in case of running a casino app using iPhone: the appropriate version of storyboard will open.

Universal Microgaming app

Create a Demo Microgaming App First

The next point is to, actually, make a framework of a Microgaming gambling house (or something else). The procedure for iPhone and for other devices is the same: find a picture, drag it to the generator, indicate a proper name and “customize” it. The main difference is the “~ipad”, which should be added to all the titles of the files, if it concerns tablets. Even more, the system will give you some bits of advice during the process, its super clear there.

View Controllers

Truly, it is more convenient to create 2 distinct view controllers. However, it’s possible to have a single vision, which will comply with all the displays. Initiate the “Action”, which connects the buttons with some related processes (ViewController.h.).

Microgaming Casino Interface Builder

Here is another way of organizing the concept of the future outlook of the Microgaming iOS casino application. Interface Builder works differently. It has 2 folders (nib files). The one for the tablet has a special indication “~ipad”. Nonetheless, this mechanism requires lots of coding, so we will skip this part, as it might be too complicated for non-professionals.

Images and Icons

microgaming casinos for all Apple devicesAdditionally to the precious blocs, each app, whether it’s an amusement or some bookstore, includes supplementary information and graphics. It should correspond to the topic and be clear for everyone. Apparently, iPad needs illustrations with higher-resolutions, better quality, etc. We will mention the technology of launching main and ancillary images and icons.

Launch Img

The existence of the Universal application still obliges to have separate sizes of the images. Even more, tablet’s apps demand them in 2 orientations: landscape and portrait. Whereas, users of iPhone will be satisfied having only a portrait one. The resolutions are following:

  • For iPhone
    • Non-retina – 320×480.
    • Retina – 640×960.
    • Versions SE, 5c, 5s, 5 – 640×1136.
    • Versions 6, 6s, 7, 7s – 750×1334.
    • Versions with “Plus” (except 7s) – 1080×1920.
    • Version 7s Plus – 1242×2208.
  • For iPad
    • Non-retina – 768×1024.
    • Retina – 1536×2048.
    • 12.9-inch Pro – 2048×2732.
  • For iWatch
    • 38mm – 272×340.
    • 42mm – 312×390.

microgaming app for all ios devices

Application Icon

The same procedure for the icons. However, in case of not complying with proper dimensions, the project won’t be shown in the AppStore. Rememberonly PNG format is accepted. The sizes are:

  • For iPhone:
    • Versions SE, 5, 6, 7, 6s, 5s, 5c – 120×120.
    • Versions “Plus” – 180×180.
  • For iPad:
    • All versions, except Pro 12.9-inch – 152×152.
    • Pro 12.9-inch – 167×167.
  • For iWatch:
    • 38mm and 42mm – 172×172.

Additional Images

Sometimes, there are more pictures, which you need to add. For example, a “Pay” button. For iPhone it will be purchase.png, for iPad – purchase~ipad.png. This “~ipad” part is essential, don’t miss it. Worth to mention about the assignment of @2x images for high-resolution devices and @3x for “Plus” types – do not write this info in the title.

Testing and Filling the Casino App

That’s done. Save the result and try to open a project. We hope that it works properly. So, Xcode facilitates the way of organizing a simple app. Further, you can put some other features: notifications, pages, strategies, etc.