Microgaming Casino App Development Costs

ios apps cost by MicrogamingThe expenses of creating a casino engine for the iOS apps by Microgaming depend on various factors. The total sum will consist of such points as:

  • The home webpage of the online gambling house
  • Quality of graphics
  • Manager area
  • Playing settings
  • Deposit/withdrawal tools
  • Partner system
  • Smart blacklist
  • Languages and countries available
  • Settings of jackpot
  • And etc.

In general, the price will be approximately 30,000 EUR.

Development Process

The process of developing apps includes several stages. Usually, when creating an iPhone program, you will have to go through at least 4 steps:

  • Coming up with a good idea, deciding what purpose the future program will serve for (the cost will depend greatly on the complexity and functionality, that’s why it’s better to determine the precise direction to start with and correlate it with the budget opportunities).
  • Thoroughly thinking out every possible connection between buttons and screens (coding properly every function and planning ahead all possible outcomes of every action in the application).
  • Designing (after completing the stages of coding and function developing, the process of creating a proper look begins). An eye-pleasing design can deliver the staking program to the top of the chart, so being scraggy is not a good decision in this matter.
  • Appearing on the market (getting the access to the iTunes, where all info about the app will be filled like price list, icons, and description).

Table Based App

The lowest prices are for plain TBA (approximately $1-4k). This money will cover the content and implementing the principles of the work purposes. In case there is a need in GPS location services, social media interactions, and any other add-ons – you may pay the extra funds.

Database App

microgaming ihone app costsThis type will be higher priced. The expenses will contain not only content, coding, sound implementation and so on, but there should be a correlation with data, structure, and usability of the application. Such projects are usually more difficult to develop and that’s why require more time and effort of programmers due to the need of maintaining databases and proper framework.

Design Costs for Microgaming Casino Apps

The entertainment apps are the most expensive of all types, as they require high-end graphics, the big quantity of data, connection to the Game Center, financial system, and many other features. Below we will describe the cost of the venturing program for Apple devices.

iPhone Only

The costs vary from 5 hundred dollars to $10,000. The basic settings usually don’t include the high resolution of the display (retina screen starting from iPhone 4), so at this price, there is just a plain design that doesn’t allow big sized images.

iPhone 6 Plus or 7

The opportunity of making the app compatible with the latest iPhones (6 Plus or 7) needs additional contributions (about ¼ more to above price). This is because of the higher resolution that is twice better than in the previous versions.


And another rise in pricing will be in case a developer wants to add iPad compatibility. The total sum will be 50% more than in the previously discussed paragraph.
The size of the images is very high, so take a great care when implementing them in the code.

In-House Development

coat of Microgaming casino appProbably the most costly way to make an app for betting is to use a team of professionals whose salary will be ~ $60,000/month. The process will take about nine months, therefore, the overall sum will be $600,000.
Despite this method is significantly expensive and a little bit slow at first, the result will look excellent and promising.


Well, this is the much simpler method due to the assistance of the agency, which will only need your description of the order. The agency workers will do all the work by themselves (contacting programmers, building a team, etc.). The cost varies from $100-400 per hour.
The good outsource company will deliver you completed high-quality project at a moderate price.


Using freelancer can considerably lower the budget plan, but it will require great care in choosing developers and designers and in setting right tasks for them. So less cost, but more effort.

Microgaming Casino App Going Live

The finished Microgaming casino app for Apple Devices is ready for release only after creating an iTunes Connect account that costs only $99 per month. After entering all info, the developer can place the game on the market and start getting revenue.