Xcode Guide from Microgaming iOS Developers

xcode for microgaming apple appsEach programmer, beginner or professional, will, probably, choose Xcode as a main way to create an application. It is already a 6th version, made by Apple, and it’s getting better and better. The majority of Microgaming casino app developers prefers this tool as it is the uncomplicated and powerful tool.


There are many changes in order to personalize the Xcode, to make it faster and more efficient to a particular person. We will mention the most interesting features and try to specify on the most annoying flaws and problems, so you will be aware of it.

Starting a Microgaming Casino App Project

The beginning is really simple.

  1. Single View Application in Xcode > Swift (write any title and language you like).
  2. Open a Main.storyboard. Then – Object Library and take UILabel objects there, grab them to canvas.
  3. Do the same with UIImageView object.
  4. Editor > afterwards, “Resolve…” and “Add Constrains…”
  5. Done.

Changing Themes

There is always an initial combination. However, you can switch it at any time. Visit “Preferences” in Xcode. There will be different themes (integration of commands, texts, backgrounds, comments and others). You can modify everything or partially. Moreover, each individual can change each single part and a small detail. All the adjustments will be saved automatically. Meanwhile, it’s easy to verify some themes on the web, there are thousand of solutions. Download relevant files and put them in the folder, nothing much.

Working with Custom Fonts

Another feature helps to organize the interface, to make it attractive and favorable. Download fonts anywhere over the Internet, for example, in the “Google Fonts”. The crucial advantage – it makes the vision of the game, the main characteristics of the graphs. Professional uses such tool all the time, so, get training yourself.

Code Snippets

This is an important tool to avoid writing common and ordinary phrases, while coding. There are pre-selected combinations of symbols for each task, which will save the time. Open a tab “Unilities” and find a folder “Code Snippets”. It will show all the existing categories, such as loops, class definitions, switch and it-else statements, etc. Simple, grab one and it automatically creates lines of numbers.
Microgaming casino iOS apps with XCode

Color Palettes Customizing

There are many possibilities to optimize the color framework of this application. The easiest one is to download a special program, which will facilitate the process, for instance, Skala Color palette. Google it and install on the PC. While running this app – it will make new options for Xcode. There are similar apps, like Hex Color Picker, etc.

Designing Vector Graphics

Before the existence of the 6th edition of Xcode, each vector had to be like an image with the appropriate configuration of @1x, @2x or @3x(for “Plus” versions). Nowadays, it is irrelevant, don’t do so. Extract the vector into “.pdf” using any available program. In Xcode, look for the Images.xcassets. Find “Types”, scroll down to “Vectors”. Then, there will be an appropriate window with: name (doesn’t matter), devices (universal), width (any), height (any), types (vectors) and render as (default).

Manage the Source Code and Files in Microgaming Casino App

We mention the basic options for each developer. However, there are many other smaller features, which will make the programming easier and fun. For instance, press “Command + T” to create a new tab; fold/unfold codes in “Editor > Fold”, when the file is too “heavy”, etc. There are lots of Microgaming casino app aspects, read our other pages in order to be aware of them.