Microgaming Casino App Going Live

When Microgaming casino application of online gambling house is almost ready, the next thing to accomplish is completing the submitting process. Each program for iOS should go through multiple stages before the release in the App Store – when the most part of the work (coding, selecting a design, setting functions and testing) is done.

Bit by Bit Instruction

Below you will find a thorough instruction consisting of several steps and their proper description, based on Microgaming experience cooperating with Apple services. Thus, after reading the article you will be well-prepared to get the program software on iTunes without difficulties.
Microgaming casino app release

Check If Microgaming Casino App Fully Prepared

The main advice that will definitely be helpful is getting the casino app fully prepared before starting the submitting process. The program should work pretty smoothly, and so it can’t contain any serious bugs or compilation errors. To ensure that everything is fine, apply different tests that can reveal problems.

Unique App ID

submitting Microgaming Apple appSo the first important step is getting the unique App ID. Find it in your account on the Developer page, by clicking the link (iOS Provisioning Portal). To get the identifier for the casino client, just find “Create a new App ID” and fill in the appeared blank with the company domain name (for example, com.microgaming.casinoapp.). Be attentive when writing the name, ‘cause it is in reverse order.

Distribution Certificate

This certificate has a role of the web file that is assigned to your gambling application with a purpose of confirming the identity of the developer and signing the code. To get it, you need to follow the instruction provided in Provisioning Portal in the section called Distribution tab.

Provisioning Distribution Profile

Then it is obligatory to create PD Profile in a few clicks (Provisioning ˃ Distribution ˃ New profile).
Pick App Store as the distribution option, think out the title for the profile and add the App ID that you have created beforehand. After refreshing, the Xcode will connect the again installed account.

Code Signing

Further, a Microgaming developer needs to open Code Signing in the settings of the Xcode and check if the Release button shows the PD profile (described above). And then choose the build scheme of the iOS device.


Archivation is one of the crucial steps before going to the iTunes Connect. In the Edit Schemes, switch the Archive on to Release.
Provided that there is an external data (libraries) for the proper work of the application, switch the Build setting that contains Skip install on Yes (for the project). However, for the target, choose – No.
And finally, you’ll be capable of creating the archive version of your program.
microgaming ios casino app release

iTunes Connect

The last thing is to complete all of the procedures required by iTunes Connect for releasing the program to the App Store. There will be a possibility to make your application commercial, free, with/without advertisements and so on. Each point will be clearly explained by the Apple.

So, after all, the app is ready for uploading from the Xcode to the store. But there is always an approving period (that lasts usually several weeks).

Microgaming Team Membership in the Apple Developer Program

In case, there is a group of programmers who work for the same developer company, Apple DP gives an opportunity to share the access to projects and information (granted by level).
The Microgaming team which works with the iOS segment uses such opportunity for the proper and professional work of all members. There is an option to assign roles that will have different authorized access to specific activities (i.e. each person will be in charge of some process).

The membership can be expanded/shortened by adding/removing team members.
Microgaming has also a person who is a Team Agent, he/she is responsible for the whole group and has the widest range of privileges when working in the Apple Developer Program.